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Gear Review from “Just an Everyday Americader” – Viking Cycle Women’s Riding Jacket


Ten years ago, I decided to stop riding with my husband, took MSF classes learning among other things the importance of gear! Now, tens of thousands of miles later, the MSF’s lessons stay with me. I was reminded of this while riding back from the Dakotas three weeks ago, when seeing a sign showing two bikers and the words, “YOU’RE NOT MADE OF PLASTIC…GEAR UP !”

A few weeks later I received an email from Americade (for whom I volunteer every year) asking me if I would be interested in testing and providing my thoughts on a woman’s joycejackettwoleather jacket, made by Viking Cycle. I said, sure!

I received the jacket a few days later, and when I tried it on it was as if it was made just for me ! The waist snuggled around me, and the feel of it was perfect. Very comfortable.

I couldn’t wait to try it on the open road on my bike, and the next day I got the chance. I wasn’t disappointed. It kept the cool air out, and the warmth in. The snaps on the top of the zipper area are a nice addition.

When you wanted to have the open neckline to wear it casually, you could do so and look sensuous. But on this particular colder day, you could unsnap them and zip it all the way up. It’s too bad it didn’t have a zip in liner for those even colder days, but I will be able to slide on a thin fleece for then.

Overall, the quality, comfort and coverage seems very good for a $99 jacket. Yes, this jacket is a winner in my book !!


+Soft leather and great fit for my bodyjoycejacketone

+Good late summer jacket

+Double breasted top.

+Very affordable (MSRP: $99)

+Fashionable, and not much bulky padding

-Colder months will require your own fleece liner

-Fashionable, and not much bulky(protective) padding.

Tester: Joyce S. – 30 years riding, with 10 years riding solo

Rides most often: Kawasaki Vulcan 800

Favorite Ride: Route 51 in NY, aka “Area 51”