2013 Rolling Thru The Western Finger Lakes

5 September 13–16th, Western Finger Lakes Region, NY

The moment you begin riding in the area, you’ll probably say the same thing we said…”Wow.” The Finger Lakes had long been on our list of Must Do areas to consider for Rolling Thru America (“RTA”). We’ve heard about their beauty, we’ve read about the great motorcycle routes, and for our 2013 RTA ride, we decided to visit them to see for ourselves.

It is indeed very beautiful, and it’s like nothing else we’ve ever seen. Imagine wide open rural scenery, with long low rolling hills; many, many lake views from above, and many long lake side roads below; beautiful vineyards aplenty, quaint towns, Amish farms and their horse drawn buggies, and unexpectedly dramatic waterfalls. It’s a wonderful and unusual combination of scenery, set among roads designed by (we assume) a touring motorcyclist – winding but not twisty, elevation gains/drops but not being steep, and pool-table smooth pavement.

On your rides you’ll notice that the scenery begins immediately. The gorgeous lake views at the hotel connect to rolling, meandering rural roads in untouched open land. You’ll quietly glide along on some of the smoothest roads we’ve enjoyed on our tours, looking out over valleys, farmlands and lakes. You’ve escaped to the Finger Lakes.

You’ll stay in a very nice hotel located right on the shores of the gorgeous Seneca Lake. Each morning, you’ll enjoy breakfast in a room exclusively reserved for Rolling Thru The Finger Lakes, whose massive windows have an amazing south view over Seneca Lake. What a way to start each day.

Thursday – Unpack, Dine and Relax

  • Hotel Check-In and Gift Bags Delivered
  • Welcome Party, Wine Tasting followed by an Italian feast. A perfect opportunity to6 renew friendships and make some new ones. Menu includes a wonderful Italian buffet including Caesar Salad, Antipasto Salad, Tortellini and broccoli Alfredo, Chicken Parmesan, Lasagna and Oven Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Potatoes crowned with Tiramisu]
  • After your long ride, a masseuse will be on staff for those wanting (needing) an optional professional massage.

Friday – Grand Canyon of the East – 170 Miles

  • Breakfast includes a choice of juices, sliced fresh fruit platter, assorted pastries, scrambled eggs and sausage.
  • Be ready to be wowed by this fantastic ride to the AMAZING Letchworth State Park, called the “Grand Canyon of the East.” One of the most scenically magnificent areas in the eastern U.S. The Genesee River roars through the gorge over three major waterfalls between cliffs–as high as 600 feet in some places–surrounded by lush forests. Breath taking views at every turns. How was something this amazing not known by us before?? While the park is jaw dropping, the ride to the park is also photo-14something very special; we loved it last year, but weren’t able to include it into the 2013 route.
  • Lunch at a wonderful country inn overlooking the spectacular waterfalls in Letchworth State Park. Yep, we’ve reserved the one and only inn that sits on the bluff of the falls. You’ll never have a better view during a meal…ever. Enjoy your choice of Prime Rib, Fresh Salmon Fillet, or Succulent Pork Tenderloin.
  • The afternoon ride is on newly paved roads surrounded by wind mills, wineries and Amish country. Have your camera’s ready! Finish your day with an evening to yourself in the quaint town of Geneva.

Saturday – 4 Lake Loop, A Private Lap, and & 1700’s Dining – 140 Miles

  • Breakfast on the shores of Seneca Lake followed by a wonderful southwesterly ride past vineyards, and more stunning lakes. Breakfast will include a choice of juices, sliced fresh fruit platter, assorted pastries, and Fiesta eggs with bacon.
  • Following a scenic and relaxing ride past 4 lakes, you’ll arrive at the fabled Watkins Glen Racetrack. A guide will escort you onto the track for 3 leisurely and safe laps of the track. The track is surprisingly beautiful, and unless your name is Andretti, it’s 4an experience that you’ll probably never have again.
  • Lunch will be served at the private club located on the rolling manicured hills of the track, with views of the lake, farms, mountains and the track you’ve just toured. Menu includes Crown Royal Chicken or Crab Stuffed Sole. rtflpic5
  • The return ride is more of the region’s’ best, with long, gentle rides along beautiful shores. For dinner, a private coach will bring you to a 1700’s coach house transformed into a stunning restaurant. It’s exclusively reserved for RTFL2, so you’ll be able to relax among your friends while enjoying a delicious meal including Soup or Salad, a choice of Prime Cut Bone Out Short Ribs or French Chicken, topped with a delicious Pear and Apple Crisp.
  • Or, for a select fortunate few who choose this optional meal: Dining like royalty at The Belhurst Castle. Located directly on the water, this 1800’s stone castle is surrounded with history, beauty and breathtaking views. Menu includes Pan Seared Steak Diane or Butter Pecan Salmon en Croute or Weiner Schnitzel a la Huelstein, Chicken Consommé with Baby Spinach & Crepes, Romaine Heart Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing & Candied Pecans, and a delicious Fresh Berries Sabayon.

Sunday – Farewell Breakfast

  • Enjoy the best breakfast yet, which includes assorted juices, fresh fruit platter, photo-9assorted muffins and Danishes, French toast, cheesy eggs, crispy bacon and ham.
    After spending this wonderful weekend with your friends, it’s time to go home and reminisce about the highlights of the past few days.

The guided daily rides average 150 miles (about 4 1/2 hours of seat time) up, around and beside many of the Finger Lakes. Motorcycle guides lead and follow you, and a support vehicle follows along behind. [If you want to ride on your own, we provide you with excellent route maps.