Rolling Thru America is the sister company to Americade
… the World’s Largest Touring Rally.

Americade is known for running a very well run event, at a very reasonable price. While Americade hosts 100,000 tourers every year, we wanted to offer much smaller, group tours in other places of the U.S. Smaller tours offer more hands-on assistance by our staff and create a great camaraderie for everyone involved. Given that we’re accustomed to hosting 100,000, you can imagine how capable we are at putting an excellent tour together for a group of only several hundred.

We are, however, very different than most group tour companies. Because we’re able to put together a tour that’s much larger (and elaborate) than other tour companies, we’re able to offer it a price that’s surprisingly low.

When on one of our tours, you can expect to see and experience the best the area has to offer; if it’s a must do or must see, we’ve included it. Also:

  • You’ll have our multi-person staff available all day; we’re always in sight, and always there to help.
  • Your guides will be experienced, local motorcycle guides, who are friendly and knowledgeable about the region.
  • We ride in waves so that no group is burdened with too many bikes/trikes.
  • We take great care in selecting your hotel, meals, and routes.
  • Finally, the only way we’ll succeed is when you recommend us to your friends. We never lose sight of that, and strive to make your tour wonderful.